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A Changed Life Several years ago in Hastings (New Zealand), Stephen Staples called on a lady who not only had a messy home, but seemed to be distressed about life. As Steve demonstrated the books her story came out. She had a teenage daughter who had overdosed, and she was trying to cope with this event.

Steve not only sold her Uncle Arthur's Best Stories, the Stampley Bible and Today, Tomorrow and You, but also introduced her to the Cox videos, which she had trouble following. So Steve gave her personal Bible studies and gave a “gospel presentation” early in his visits. As a result Beverley gave her heart to Jesus.

The book Steps to Christ had an effect on her prayer life. As she was attending the Mormon Church, Steve thought the subjects on the state of the dead and the Sabbath might have been a problem, but she started attending church each week.

Beverley's family and friends saw an amazing change in her life over this period, and her daughter and boyfriend also started attending church. Beverley was baptised shortly afterwards. - Ken Read, former Area Manager, NZ

The Power of One As I visited one office at the beginning of the year, I tried to canvass to all the workers, but they all seemed busy and showed no interest, except Helen, who quickly responded that she wanted to order a Family Medical Care set.

Helen really enjoys reading our books and has ordered other books as well. When she received her first order, she shared with her colleagues the benefits she was getting from the books. This greatly interested the others, resulting in four other workers taking orders from me. Now, I have more clients under one roof instead of just one! Praise God! - Puaga Solofa, Samoa

Suggested material: This first one on 666 the number of the beast has pictures of magic squares from Babylon with the number 666 on them that are now extremely hard to find. See why this number now relates to the Catholic Church. The origin of sun worship and the Sunday Sabbath as well as paganism and the Church sheds more light on the first site and why God calls the Church of Rome Babylon. Reading the change of the Sabbath to Sunday will then make it much easier to see why Satan set out to attack the law of God and why he chose the Sabbath. The supposed seven years tribulation comes from an abused prophecy called Daniel's seventy weeks and is recommended reading on the second coming of Christ and the real Bible truth. [standard]